Firstly, the name may give away the purpose of a guest house. Usually a guest house is a large house that you will stay in as a guest, like if you were to visit a friend or family member. You have access to more than what’s just in your room, some people feel they are enclosed in a hotel as you only really have the space in your room, but some people find that this is more suited to them. Other people like the freedom of a guest house being able to wonder around and sit in a lounge rather than having the feeling of being trapped in a room. Another difference between staying in a guest house and a hotel is that all of the rooms tend to be the same in a hotel. Some people prefer this is the room is suited to their needs but people staying in a guest house are more likely to get a room that’s perfectly suited to their specific needs rather than a one size fits all approach. If you do have any specific requirements then Pickmere Guest House would be more than happy to try to provide these for you. If you are visiting somewhere that you haven’t been before a guest house gives you more opportunity to meet other guests. The other guests may be able to give you tips of things to do from a tourists perspectives. In a hotel, people tend to keep in their rooms, so if you like meeting new people a guest house is great for you. Hotels are usually owned by large international companies whereas a guest house is more often owned by the people who manage it and therefore if you find any issues you are more likely to get it resolved in time. If you have decided that a guest house is for you then please contact Pickmere House and we will try our best to meet your needs.

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