Firstly, you need to consider your budget and how many people are attending. Will you be paying for the guests accommodation, if so consider looking for somewhere that will consider a block booking for wedding parties. Sometimes this isn’t such a good idea as some hotels still charge you even if you don’t fill the amount of rooms you have paid for. If the guests are to pay for themselves and you already have an idea of attendees you can send a list of recommended accommodation, for example, somewhere quieter for older guests and somewhere cheap for guests who may be reluctant to attend if they have to spend a lot of money in order to go to the wedding. You should make sure that everyone is catered for if you are to recommend accommodation think about all of the options in the area, like hotels, guest houses or hostels. Don’t expect all of your guests to stay in the same accommodation, if you only give them one choice then not everyone is going to be happy with that choice. As everyone is different and has different budgets and requirements its best to leave it up to them and then if they decide that they don’t wish to book accommodation they will be able to decline at their own will rather than being disappointed and causing you more stress. There are lots of wedding venues that are close to Pickmere Guest House, making it a great place for some of your wedding guests to stay on your big day.

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